About the ART ARK

The ART ARK is a brand born to create a space where anyone can feel creative and express themselves through art.

...is initiated by an artist who initially worked as an interior designer but later discovered her true passion lies in working with children, who then pursued her studies in art therapy and education for children with special needs. This space is created to offer personalised art classes for children, tailoring the content and activities based on each child's level and abilities. The main goal of these classes is to assist children in their creative journey and help them develop their artistic skills. Through engaging and interactive sessions, the artist uses various techniques and approaches to encourage self-expression and boost the children's confidence. With a strong focus on individual growth and development, these art classes provide a nurturing environment for children to explore their creativity and unlock their full potential.



"Nami is very talented but unassuming. She is able to create safe spaces for children and young people to express themselves in their own unique way in various art forms. She believes in the magic hidden in people and is not afraid to let them experiment and find joy"

- Maya George

She is very patient and goes with the pace of each child"

- Nikita Jacob


"Art classes with Namitha is not something you want to miss: music in the background, lights in perfect huggye style and hands at work. That is exactly what my 7 years old needed once a week. At the end of the year I loved to receive the album full of exceptional art."

-Leonetta Pavanello